Masterpieces of Finnish craftsmanship from Kauhajoki

Hardwood sculptures by Wood Art represent genuine Finnish craftsmanship. Each artwork shows the artist Tommi Rajala's unique style and his passion for woodcarving. All products are made in our workshop in Kauhajoki and shipped to customers in Finland and all over the world.  

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Wood Art, with its individual unique style, has followers in over 130 countries and significant international visibility. Tommi Rajala's most ambitious projects, the wood statues with astoundingly intricate details, are the ones that have  received the widest attention. Read more about the strangely beautiful Volkswagen Beetle engine and the stunning Nintendo table.  

Volkswagen Beetle boxer engine

”This Beetle engine only leaks sawdust. Scale 1:1. No CNC machining. One-man project.”

These are the words carpenter Tommi Rajala uses himself to describe this wooden sculpture with astoundingly intricate details, the finishing of which took the talented artist for over a year.  This replica of the classic Volkswagen Beetle engine is a masterpiece and a combination of an individual idea, passion and determination, and it has received the recognition it deserves in Finland and abroad alike.

It is a complete replica in hardwood of a 4-cylinder, 1.6-litre Volkswagen Beetle engine dating back to the early 1970's.  And in this case perfection means precisely that – it is a complete engine made of hardwood at the same scale and with the same movable engine parts as in a real engine. The statue has, for example, spark plug, crankshaft, oil cooler and a distributor.  Hidden inside the engine are impressively accurate details, the sanding of which took carpenter Tommi Rajala hours, if not days.

Volkswagen Beetle boxer engine

This ambitious sculpture is genuine artisan work, handmade from start to finish. CNC machining was not utilised at any point during the complex process. This is the first project of its kind that has ever been accomplished by a carpenter and it has received wide media attention in in Finland and abroad. You can read more and view photos of the different parts of the sculpting process in our Wood Art Facebook pages.

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The sculpture has received worldwide recognition


"This is absolutely mind blowing. Absolutely incredible work."


"This is stunning! Truly a masterpiece created by a brilliant and gifted artist. Thanks for sharing!"


"Fantastic! Great, great respect for this piece of art. Superb project!!"


"Amazing talent! The detail is unbelievable."

Nintendo coffee table

The Nintendo coffee table is among carpenter Tommi Rajala's largest and most time-consuming projects. This stunning and entirely unique table, handcrafted from hardwood, is a copy of an 8-byte Nintendo controller blown up to the size of a coffee table with each part scaled to reflect the original proportions. True to himself, Rajala has thought through and fine-tuned each detail to perfection – including the hole in the letter A in the controller. 

The statuesque table was auctioned in our Wood Art Facebook pages for 1,650 euros, and ended up as a birthday present to a very lucky man from Salo, Finland. 

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