Unique artisan woodwork made in Kauhajoki, Finland

With our solid craftsmanship, Wood Art produces sculptures and other artworks made of hardwood. Whether you want to put some real thought into an excellent gift for family and friends or for a business partner, these gifts, decorations and everyday items designed and created by our talented carpenter have got you covered. 

Wood Art products are created in our Kauhajoki workshop primarily as one-of-a-kind custom projects based on the interests and wishes of the recipient. Please contact us and share your ideas!  

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The unique Wood Art designs are shipped worldwide from our workshop in Kauhajoki, Finland. These gift, interior design and everyday items represent genuine craftsmanship and are a testament to the artisan's genuine passion for his craft. 

These one-of-a kind design pieces bring out the material and the unique colour of the wood in a beautiful way. We are happy to discuss our products in further details with you and create a design piece according to your wishes!

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Give a personal gift that surprises and delights

Give a personal gift that surprises and delights Gift a piece of exceptional Finnish craftsmanship. 

One-of-a-kind Wood Art products are an excellent present to anyone with an appreciation of the traditional artisan skills. Items carved from hardwood, such as birch, apple and cherrytree, oak, teak and mahogany always have the lovely characteristic colour shades. These unique artwork, gift, interior design and everyday items give endless delight to the recipient.

Choose Finnish woodcraft for an ecological gift

Wood Art Finland – wooden pocket watch

Wooden watches

Wooden watches with leather details are for those who appreciate punctuality and style. A simple and stylish wooden watch is a timeless gift that suits everyone.  

Mercedes-Benz logos carved out of wood

Gift items

When you are looking for a present for someone who already has everything, turn to Wood Art.  Order an item that says something personal about the recipient and delight them with a thoughtful gift that shows that you have really given it some thought. 

Lock carved out of wood

Locks and safes

Wood Art also has locks and safes carved from wood, and they are a perfect example of how practical can also be beautiful. These products are an excellent choice for someone who appreciates security and craftsmanship!

Wood Art Finland – fish hook carved out of wood

Fishing kits and lures

Do you or a loved one have a passion for fishing? Our versatile wooden fishing kits and lures make a great gift for avid fishermen and fisherwomen. 

Do you like what you see? 

Wood Art in Kauhajoki, Finland, produces unique artisan designs according to our customers' wishes. Each wooden item is made by hand from start to finish. Sometimes it only takes a few weeks but more detailed and larger projects may take up to months.  

The one-of-a-kind artisan creations by Wood Art showcase their creator's craftsmanship and his individual way of working wood. 

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Are you an event organiser?

 If you are an event organizer and interested, get in touch! Wood Art's handcrafted sculptures and products are an excellent attraction for many trade fairs and other events.

Wood Art in the media